Inspigenius Tuition Centre

Primary 1 English

English Tuition for Primary 4

Learn essential strategies to tackle components in upper primary english.
Maths for Primary Level 4

Maths Tuition for Primary 4

The mathematics exercises are simple in design yet challenging and fun to do.
Science for Primary 4

Science Tuition for Primary 4

Students will learn characteristics and exploring scientific research into this classification.
English for Primary 5

English Tuition for Primary 5

Learn essential strategies consolidate vocabulary and grammar structures.
Maths for Primary 5

Maths Tuition for Primary 5

Learn essential techniques and skills in solving mathematical problems.
Science for Primary 5

Science Tuition for Primary 5

This course will give you knowledge and understanding of scientific facts, concepts and principles.
English for Primary 6

English Tuition for Primary 6

Learning English Features, Current, relevant and interesting units are covered.
Maths for Primary 6

Maths Tuition for Primary 6

This course provides problem-solving lessons that you can use in your math programme.
English for Secondary 1

English Tuition for Sec-1

Help Students to improve English by giving them an extensive training in spelling, writing, comprehension, and grammar.
Maths for Secondary 1

Maths Tuition for Sec-1

Learn how to use Math Formulas effectively and apply them on which condition.
Science for Secondary 1

Science Tuition for Sec-1

students learn to solve problems in the real world
Chinese for Secondary Level 1

Chinese Tuition for Sec-1

We Help Secondary School Students to improve their proficiency in Chinese Language and Prepare for O Level Chinese Examinations.
English for Secondary Level 2

English Tuition for Sec-2

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their level of English skills.
Math for Secondary Level 2

Maths Tuition for Sec-2

Our tuition lessons can help you study for exams, earn college credit, or boost your math grade.
Science for Secondary Level 2

Science Tuition for Sec-2

we help students to learn science better and more efficiently in each format
Chinese for Secondary Level 2

Chinese Tuition for Sec-2

We Help Secondary School Students to improve their proficiency in Chinese Language and Prepare for O Level Chinese Examinations.
English for Secondary Level 3

English Classes for Sec-3

Help your child in Literature, Secondary English, One to O Level English
Math for Secondary Level 3

Maths Classes for Sec-3

Strategic competence in planning effective instruction and solving problems.
Chemistry for Secondary Level 3

Chemistry Classes for Sec-3

Learn how to effectively study chemistry and improve your chemistry study skills.
Physics for Secondary Level 3

Physics Classes for Sec-3

Learn about the basic advance principles that govern the physical world around us.
Biology for Secondary Level 3

Biology Classes for Sec-3

Biology explores how living things are made of cells that reproduce and grow over time..
English for Secondary Level 4

English Classes for Sec-4

It is designed to help you become an even better speaker, correct grammar, improve skills.
Math for Secondary Level 4

Maths Classes for Sec-4

our classes includes knowledge of mathematical facts, concepts, procedures, and the relationships among them.
Chemistry for Secondary Level 4

Chemistry Classes for Sec-4

This course offers an in-depth exploration of general, organic and analytic chemistry.
Physics for Secondary Level 4

Physics Classes for Sec-4

Develop knowledge and skills in physics, including those that directly relate to everyday life
General Paper JC Level H1

General Paper JC Level H1

This programme places equal emphasis on content learning, skills acquisition and language improvement.
Chemistry Paper JC Level H1

Chemistry Paper JC Level H1

Get all the juicy tips, tricks and techniques you need to enhance your Chemistry skills.
Physics Paper JC Level H1

Physics Paper JC Level H1

Learn A level revision questions with worked solutions that you can attempt.
Physics Paper JC Level H2

Physics Paper JC Level H2

Fundamental in the study of Physics and help students integrate knowledge and link concepts across different topics.
Python for Kids

Python for Kids

Teach Your Kids to Code: Learn Python Programming at Any Age. Short, colorful apps and games you & your child can program right away.
Microsoft Office for Kids

Microsoft Office for Kids

Microsoft Office classes for kids (8 to 12 years): Lessons Plans for Teaching Computer Skills and Microsoft Office.
Photoshop for Kids

Photoshop for Kids

Photoshop can be a fun and educational activity for kids.

About InspiGenius

At InspiGenius, we are committed to inspiring young students to bring out the fullest of their potential.Each and every child is taught differently to suit their various capabilities and needs. Students are also encouraged to think critically outside of boundaries and are actively engaged so as to allow them to achieve their very best.While focused on academics,we also strive to empower students in their character, with regard to personality and ambition so as to build the foundation to lifelong learning.

InspiGenius is affiliated to Inspizone. As Inspizone has been in the I.T and computer training arena since 2012 and the company is growing to branch into education for children and adult. As a result, the birth of InspiGenius is where it starts and we are always getting the best, the passionate and the motivator to teach , tutor and train our students.

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