Secondary 4 Biology

biology tuition singapore

Biology Tuition Center for Secondary Class 4.

Our Biology Tuition course will teach students the basics along with many new topics in biology. Students will be introduced to topics such as coordination and response and cell division. Students will be made to revise all the topics learnt in the O level examination preparation.

About the course – This course is teaching students the following mentioned topics in biology.
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  • Students will be taught how recognize and effectively answer questions across interrelated topics within a question.
  • Students will be made to practice application questions that will enhance their thinking skills and be more exam centric.
  • Students will be made absolutely comfortable in the examination pattern by making them solve numerous mock papers which will be based only on examination pattern.
  • Much focus will be placed on teaching students the skills and techniques required to answer questions in the most correct form.
  • Students will be made to learn how to retain their learning, concepts and other things that have been taught for a long time.
  • Students will be taught time management during the exam that will help them to complete their examination on time.

Target students – This course is meant only for students of secondary class four both normal and express academic who wish to learn biology.

Why choose inspizone? 

Students at inspizone are given ample opportunities to explore, learn and excel in their fields along with the following mentioned benefits-

  • Students are taught in small class sizes that help them gain a better understanding of subjects along with individual attention.
  • Students are always mentored by highly educated teachers who have high experience and knowledge that makes the learning process a lot better
  • Students are given quality study material that comes handy to resolve doubts and other queries related to studies.

Schedule: Weekdays (Monday to Friday: 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm) & Saturday and Sunday: 9.30 am to 4 pm.

Venue: 10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Why Inspigenius  Why Choose Inspigenius?

  • Small Class Size: Focus on each student’s Performance
  • Motivate: Bring out the student’s creativity.
  • Engage: Engage students in Study and better learning environment.
  • Interactivity: Interactive Class with technology and latest pedagogy
  • Review: Review the learning and chart student’s performance.
  • Assessment: Free Monthly Assessment
  • Teachers: Experienced teacher with the right ethos and methodology
  • Study Materials: Free comprehensive courses material 

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