Secondary 1 Science

good science tuition centre for secondary

Science Tuition Centre for secondary class 1

Science at secondary one level consists of topics such as elements of biology, chemistry and physics. Your child’s brain will be developed to learn completely new range of skills required for scientific inquiry. Your child will be taught about topics such as cells and movement of subjects in greater detail.

About the course: The science tuition centre at Inspigenius will be taught about the following mentioned topics.

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  • Students will be taught general science topics such as apparatus and laboratory safety.
  • Students will be asked to solve questions that would require them to analyse their skills, understand data and provide answers appropriately.
  • Students will learn how to conduct experiments and write and record experiment procedures.
  • Students will be taught how to draw biological figures in greater detail and more accurately.
  • Students will learn how to compare concepts and identify the differences and similarities between them. For example, students will learn the similarities between a suspension and solution and differences between the bacterium and a typical plant cell.

Target students: This course is meant only for students of Secondary 1 Science (Express and Normal Academic) who want to learn science.

Why choose inspizone?

Inspizone provides quality education with systematic approach, interactive class with technology and latest pedagogy. Other that these, student will benefit in the following ways-

  • Students will be surrounded and educated by highly qualified and learned teachers who will constantly assess them.
  • Students will be given quality study material that will help them sustain the entire academic session.
  • Students will be taught in an engaging and interactive atmosphere that will make them enhance their retaining and learning capacities.

Schedule: Weekdays (Monday to Friday: 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm)
Saturday and Sunday: 9.30 am to 4 pm.

Fee: Please make enquiry via Whatsapp or Email or call us

Venue: 10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

good tuition centre for secondary  Science Enrichment & Tuition Class (Syllabus):

The Scientific Endeavour

  • What is science?
  • How is Scientific Knowledge Derived? – Attitudes in Science
  • How is Scientific Knowledge Derived? – The Scientific Method
  • How does Science and Technology Affect our lives?
  • Safety practices during Scientific Investigations

Exploring Diversity of Matter by its Physical Properties

  • Physical properties of Matter
  • Density

Exploring Diversity of Matter by its Chemical Composition

  • Chemical Composition of Matter
  • What are Elements?
  • What are Compounds?
  • What are Mixtures?

Exploring Diversity of Matter Using Separating Techniques

  • Separating Mixtures
  • Obtaining Drinking Water from Non-potable Water

Understanding Diversity of Organisms

  • The Variety of Life
  • The Importance of Biodiversity
  • Classifying and Identifying Organisms using Dichotomous Keys

Model of Cells – The basic Units of life

  • What are Cells?
  • What is Inside a Typical Cell?
  • Forming a Multicellular Organism
  • Division of Labour

Model of Matter – The Particulate Nature of Matter

  • Using the Particulate Nature of Matter as a Model
  • Models of States of Matter
  • Models of Expansion and Contraction
  • Model of Changes in State

Model of Matter – Atoms and Molecules

  • The Atom
  • Using Models to Represent Atoms
  • Using a Model to Represent the Structure of an Atom

Ray Model of Light

  • What is Light?
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Dispersion of Light
  • Colours

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