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  • *Motto*: inspiring a genius in you.  
  • *Objective* : to make learning available for all ages and affordable.  
  • *Mission*: to incalucate and nurture every student to learn in a creative,  constructive and conducive environment.  
  • *Vision*: I learn therefore I create and make things possible for this world. 

At InspiGenius, we are committed to inspiring young students to bring out the fullest of their potential.Each and every child is taught differently to suit their various capabilities and needs.Students are also encouraged to think critically outside of boundaries and are actively engaged so as to allow them to achieve their very best.While focused on academics, we also strive to empower students in their character, with regard to personality and ambition so as to build the foundation to lifelong learning.

InspiGenius is affiliated to Inspizone. As Inspizone has been in the I.T and computer training arena since 2012 and the company is growing to branch into education for children and adult. As a result, the birth of InspiGenius is where it starts and we are always getting the best, the passionate and the motivator to teach , tutor and train our students.

InspiGenius starts on 1 Sep 2018 with a humble beginning of 2 tutors (Raymond Shong and Johnny Hoo) and 1 main founder (Mr Abhinay) to start this tuition centre at Tanjong Pagar.Here in InspiGenius, our tutors have vast experiences in their teaching skill. The tutors also have immense knowledge of the subject matters as well as huge passion to impart their skills and methods to the students.

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