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psle maths tuition singapore

PSLE Maths Tuition Centre in Singapore

Maths tuition can play a very important role in your child’s academic success in this year of his education. At this Maths Tuition Centre, your child will be supported in his or her efforts to gather best exam knowledge and apply exam centric skills with high focus on skills and accuracy in exams. These skills will help students to ace up their speed in the examination, with minimum efforts and save a lot of time.

About the course-

This course will teach students the following mentioned topics and prepare them for appearing in PSLE.
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  • Students will be made to revise topics from P1 TO P5. And learn new topics such as circles, speed, algebra, solid figures and pie charts.
  • Students will be exposed to PSLE level questions so that they may make the required efforts to excel up to that level.
  • Students will be taught methods and techniques to cross check their answers backwards for surety.
  • Students will be taught most effective and reliable techniques to apply in exams to get error free solutions.
  • Students will be taught other examination skills such as time management, stress management and techniques of neat presentation of answers in examination.

Target students: Students of class primary 6 can take up this course.

Why choose inspizone?

  • Students studying at inspizone have a better understanding of concepts as they are taught in small class batches.
  • At inspizone, only highly educated and trained teachers teach students who constantly motivate and push students to deliver their best.
  • Students are taught in an engaging and interactive atmosphere that make them correlate their education with the real world, build confidence in them and help them retain knowledge for a long period of time.

Schedule: Weekdays (Monday to Friday: 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm)
Saturday and Sunday: 9.30 am to 4 pm.

Venue: 10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Why Inspigenius  Why Choose Inspigenius?

  • Small Class Size: Focus on each student’s Performance
  • Motivate: Bring out the student’s creativity.
  • Engage: Engage students in Study and better learning environment.
  • Interactivity: Interactive Class with technology and latest pedagogy
  • Review: Review the learning and chart student’s performance.
  • Assessment: Free Monthly Assessment
  • Teachers: Experienced teacher with the right ethos and methodology
  • Study Materials: Free comprehensive courses material 

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